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Student Journals: Joe Christensen Printing (JCI)

Joe Christensen Printing (JCI)- intro and contact information

All of Berkelely Law's print journals are printed by Joe Christensen Printing, Inc. (JCI).  They have been printing our journals for over 20 years and have extensive institutional knowledge to assist you through the entire printing process.

Joe Christensen Printing, Inc.
1540 Adams St.   Lincoln, NE  68521  |   ph:  800-228-5030   |    CST (2 hours ahead of Calif.)

Kyle Driver,  journal customer service rep
Order Desk, for submission of files
File Upload:, final files to Westlaw/Lexis
Sue Hubbard, technical support/ macros

Customer Service Representatives

Our customer service rep is Kyle Driver,   Kyle is an invaluable resource and is happy to assist you, and contacting him ahead of time with any questions will keep things running smoothly and efficiently.  He can answer production and printing-related questions, such as:

  • How the process was handled in the past (continuity)
  • How and in what format article files should be submitted
  • What forms must be submitted in order to begin working on the files
  • Notification of inconsistencies in contract proofs
  • How to minimize the cost of contract proof corrections


Forms and Handbooks

Below is the complete printing handbook, and important excerpts to assist you in preparing your files for submission to the printer, as well as the entire production process.  Please take the time to review this important information!