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Student Journals: Print Orders

What is a Print Order?

The print order is a document that contains the specifications and printing instructions for a journal issue.   This document is created and submitted to the printer by the Journal Administrator.

The print order includes:

  • How many copies of an issue to print
  • Where the contract proofs should be sent for editor review
  • Mailing instructions for issue distribution
  • Author offprint order information and shipping addresses
  • Special instructions:   special inserts, joint issue, special cover

The print order must be submitted to the printer by the Journal Administrator before any action can be taken on your submitted article files.

It is therefore important that you communicate with the Journal Administrator well in advance of when you plan on submitting files, to avoid any delays.  

What is required from Journal to complete print order

In order for the Journal Administrator to complete the print order, and therefore before the Journal can submit files to the printer, the Journal will need to make sure that it has sent the following items to the Administrator:

Unless these have been provided to the Journal Administrator, the print order will not be able to be finalized and submitted, and thus any files you submit to the printer will remain in their queue.

Make sure you plan ahead and check in regularly with the Administrator to ensure that everything is in place.

Sample Print Order

See a sample Print Order for a recent issue of the California Law Review