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Student Journals: Contract Proofs

The Contract Proof Process

One you have submitted your files to the printer (and have coordinated with the Journal Administrator so that the printer has been sent the Print Order), the printer will begin processing your files.

A hard copy contract proof, showing exactly how your issue will appear in its entirety, will be processed by the printer and shipped to the Journal's editorial office (journal mailbox in the Student Center) in 5 working days.

The contract proof must be reviewed carefully and thoroughly, as any corrections made after an issue goes to press are prohibitively expensive.

  • The proof will be accompanied by an Error Memo- which lists any obvious formatting, pagination, and footnote inconsistencies noticed by the printer while processing your files.  The Error Memo is not comprehensive, and thus does not replace your close review.
  • Make any corrections to the Word versions of the pages/ files, change into pdfs, and resubmit corrected files via email to Mary.
  • Subsequent rounds of contract proofs will be generated and emailed to you for review.  This process will continue until all corrections have been made.
  • Journal Administrator will submit the subscription mailing label files and Address Verification Form to the printer.

Making Corrections to your Contract Proof

Despite all your pre-submission editing efforts, there will invariably be corrections needing to be made to your files

  • Corrections need to be made to the Word docs from which you created the PDF files you submitted to the printer
  • Depending upon the nature of the corrections, you may be able to correct a single page from a file, or if the corrections are more comprehensive and change pagination for an article, you may need to resubmit the entire file.
  • You are CHARGED for each correction made once you submit files to the printer.  See below for the costs associated with submitting corrections
  • Once the edits are made to the Word file, you will create updated pdfs and email the corrected pdfs of the pages or files to the printer along with a description of the changes.
  • Once you resubmit files, new proofs of the printer will generate the corrected page proofs, which will be emailed to you as pdfs in approximately two working days
  • The process of receiving and reviewing contract proofs continues until all edits are finalized
  • Once all corrections are made, submit the Approval to Print to the printer ('No Corrections Needed  Issue is Approved to Print')
  • A print date will be set, and the issue should be completed and shipped typically within 8 working days.


Charges for Corrections- during contract proof phase

Contact Kyle Driver  with your questions about which option is the most cost effective in your particular situation!

  • Corrections are charged by the page.
  • Single page replacement pdf files are billed at $7.00 per page/file.
  • Complete files are billed at $1.00 per page with a minimum of seven consecutive pages.  Fewer consecutive pages are billed at $7.00 per page.
  • So, if you have a 20-page article with corrections on three pages, send the complete file—the cost will be $20.00 as opposed to $21.00 if you submit three individual pdf files.  If you do extract individual pages from the updated pdf files, be sure to check them against the proof to make sure the text and footnotes begin and end the same.  If not you will have to send additional pages until text and footnotes match at some point.

NOTE: CORRECTIONS MADE AFTER THE PROOFING STAGE (but before printing) come to $25.00 per page  or $2.50 per page if the entire article is resubmitted.