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Fifty State Statutory Surveys: Introduction

How to find compilations of state statutes on a particular subject, rather than having to do individual research on each state's laws.



A 50-state survey will save time when you need to find the statutory law in every state on a particular topic, although you may have to update the survey to be sure there have been no changes to the laws since the compilation was prepared.

Surveys can be found using commercial databases, free online resources, and books in the library.  Online resources often include hyperlinks to the state code sections or to the full text of sources in which you will find the surveys.  These resources may allow you to save, email, export, or print the survey.

You may need to search in multiple places before you find a survey that meets your research needs.  This guide offers a selected list of the best resources to check.  Restricted access to databases is indicated by (UCB Affiliates Only) or (Berkeley Law Affiliates Only).

When searching for surveys be aware of the different terminology that can be used.  For example, a survey of all state laws could be described as a 50-state, state-by-state, multi-state, or multistate -  survey, analysis, comparison, compilation, or review.


Exerpt of Westlaw 50-State Survey on Genetically Modified Food

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