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International Commercial Arbitration: Treaties & Rules

This guide covers both commercial arbitration as well as investment arbitration (Investor-State)

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The materials noted in this section will cover arbitration treaties and agreements as well as other documents, such as arbitration rules and model clauses. The international, regional, and national arbitral institutions all have websites providing the arbitral rules (detailed information on procedures) as well as subject-specific guidelines, like the SCC Arbitrator’s Guidelines. If you are looking for model arbitration clauses, you should also check the institution’s website. While most of the individual arbitral institutions are not listed in this section, you can simply search the name of the arbitral body using Google or another search engine.

A. Web Collections

B. Print Resources

C. More Treaties

If other treaties are required for your research, such as the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties, use the sources noted below.  For more information on treaty research, see United Nations Treaties: A Research Guide.

D.  Comparing Arbitration Rules

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