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Preparing for your judicial clerkship: Introduction

Now that you have your judicial clerkship it's time to make sure you don't embarrass yourself.

What is this guide all about?

This guide is intended to prepare you for your judicial clerkship. It isn't going to tell you how to get a clerkship but it will minimize embarrassing situations and hopefully make you look good when you start your clerkship.

The 'Advice' tab contains practical advice from judicial clerks in both Federal and State positions. This section will prepare you for the type of environment you are walking into and provide information on how to make a good impression.

The 'Do this' tab contains information about things you can do right now to prepare for your clerkship. These are things that will vary depending on the court you will be working in but they are generally applicable. This will include some references to actual resources as well as activities that will help you be prepared.

The 'Bibliographies' tab contains links to compiled bibliographies from reputable sources. Take a look at these bibliographies for further reading about being prepared for your clerkship. It will save you time because you don't have to search for resources and you can be sure they are good because someone has bothered to publish them to a list.

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