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Preemption Checking: Checklist

7. Keeping Current

You have decided on your topic. Now you have to make sure you keep up to date!

  1. Alerts Create an email alert for future new content.
    Most databases now include the ability to set up alerts tied to your searches. Lexis+, Westlaw, HeinOnline, Google Scholar, Bloomberg Law, among others, have alert functions. Track a case, article, docket, etc. If you are having trouble setting up an alert, ask one of the librarians.

  2. Current Index to Legal Periodicals (CILP)
    Best used as a source for alerts, as CILP is not full-text. Available on HeinOnline, CILP publishes tables of contents for many newly published law reviews. Available 4-6 weeks earlier than other commercial legal periodical indexes. HeinOnline has created a handy libguide on how you can customize what information you receive.

  3. Supreme Court Cases
    SCOTUSblog is an easy resource for following the Supreme Court; in addition, Bloomberg Law's United States Law Week features national legal news and analysis and also includes a Supreme Court Today section. 

  4. Specific Legal Areas

    1. Bloomberg Law has a number of topic specific news letters  cover recent developments in lawsuits, administrative enforcement, legislation, and appellate court opinions in areas such as banking, tax, securities, environmental law, bankruptcy, and employment law. You can subscribe to the newsletters that interest you at Subscriptions & Alert Management.

    2. Law360 is a current awareness tool and legal news source covering many topics, such as banking, commercial contracts, environment, intellectual property, mergers and acquisitions, and more. Again you can customize what news you receive.

    3. Lexology is freely available on the web, but to create alerts you'll need to register an individual account, then select the practice area "hubs" in which you're interested. The content consists of law firm reports and analysis of legal developments. Coverage is global.

    4. Browse the Law Library's Database List for databases that might be helpful to look at and create alerts (e.g. Proquest Congressional). Our Research Guides can help you pinpoint databases relevant to your topic.

  5. Ongoing Litigation/Dockets  1. Bloomberg Law Docket Searching, Lexis+Court Link, and Westlaw Dockets offers federal docket coverage with docket alert features; some state court dockets (though not yet fully comprehensive) may also be searched. 2. Trellis offers certain state court docket coverage.

  6. Continue to monitor Working Papers, Preprints... to make sure someone hasn’t scooped you while you’ve been working away.

  7. News
    It's always a good idea to run a general news search on your topic for developing news. You can set up news alerts in GoogleProquest, or any number of News Databases (Access World News and Factiva are particularly good for broad local and regional coverage).  There are also area specific news sources (e.g. Climatewire) so it may be worth browsing in your area.

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