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It can be exciting and daunting at the same time to start working in "the real world"—whether that's in a firm (in a litigation or appellate practice, or a transactional or business law practice), a court or other governmental legal office, or a public interest organization. You will need to research legal, business, and/or policy issues, and will draft and produce legal analysis, transactional documents, policy analysis or advocacy, and a variety of other "practical" materials.

This guide points you to tools, resources, and more research guides to support your practice in the real world

The overviews below highlight some of the types of resources for research and drafting assistance available to Berkeley Law students. For resources in each of these categories that relate to different practice contexts, see the tabs of this guide on Litigation/Court Practice ... Transactional/Business Law Practice ... Government/Public Interest Law.

And make sure to check "Use your Berkeley Law Library resources" on the Use the Law Library! tab for access details on the resources covered in this guide.

Practice guidance collections

Bloomberg Law Practical Guidance

Lexis+ Practical Guidance

Westlaw Practical Law

The three major legal research platforms offer practice guidance suites designed to quickly get you up to speed in practice. All include multi-jurisdictional materials, search/filter options, and other leads to find US federal, state, and foreign/international authorities. They help you—

Understand key concepts and steps

Overviews, toolkits, and checklists give you practical, logically organized summaries of the legal issues, decision processes, and workflows involved.

Find quick, basic answers

Practice notes, legal updates and law firm circulars/articles, and comparison/chart builders, all in a wide variety of practice contexts and topical areas

Write like a lawyer

Forms, examples, and standard clauses/precedent documents: find authority and precedent models for shaping and drafting litigation, transactional, and client, court/agency, or adversary communications.

Key California research & drafting aid sources

General practice guidance for California

CEB AccessLaw > Practitioner

Litigation & court practice

California Forms of Pleading & Practice (LX+)

California Points & Authorities (LX+)

Rutter Group series, California practice guides (WL)

Transactions & business law

California Legal Forms: Transaction Guide (LX+)

Counseling California Corporations (CEB)

Government & public interest law

Advising California Nonprofit Corporations (CEB)

California Municipal Law Handbook (CEB)

Ethics resources

California Ethics Resources (BL)

Ethics and Rules (California State Bar)

Help for specialized research tasks

Specialty legal research guides
Business research guides

Entrepreneurship ... Industry Information ... Market Research ... Venture Capital/Private Equity

Government/public interest research guides

International Government Data & Statistics ... Public Policy ... Nonprofit and Social Sector Organizations ... Social Welfare Research Toolkit

General interest resources