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Source Collection Triage Guide: Book/Article Examples

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Here are some citation examples from the Bluebook inside front cover:

Deborah L. Rhode, Justice and Gender 56 (1989).
  • There is only one set of author/ title, typeface (large & small capitals) is the clue this is a book or book-like item.
  • Rhode is the author; "Justice and Gender" is the book title.
  • Use the Law Library catalog (law-themed title) and/or other library catalogs (OskiCat, Melvyl for non-law themed title). Search for the title, but if that doesn't work, maybe there is an error in the citation, so also search for the author's name.

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Law in Science and Science in Law, in Collected Legal Papers 210, 210 (1920).

  • There is only one author, but two titles (in different typefaces) and the word "in" in italics. This is the clue that this is a shorter work in collection.
  • Holmes is the author, "Law in Science ..." is the chapter title; "Collected Legal Papers" is the book title.
  • On the Law Library catalog or other catalogs search for "Collected Legal Papers" as the title (or try Holmes as an author).

Kay Deaux & Brenda Major, A Social-Psychological Model of Gender, in Theoretical Perspectives on Sexual Difference 89, 89 (Deborah L. Rhode ed., 1990).

  • Again two titles, and the word "in". This is the clue that this is a shorter work in collection - in this case a chapter in a book.
  • Deaux and Major are the authors of a chapter called "A Social-Psychological Model ..."; Rhode is the book editor.
  • Search Law Library catalog or other catalogs for "Theoretical Perspectives on Sexual Difference (or try Rhode as an author).

Thomas R. McCoy & Barry Friedman, Conditional Spending: Federalism's Trojan Horse, 1988 Sup. Ct. Rev. 85, 100.

  • Again, two titles, but this time no word "in". The absence of the word "in" between the two titles is the clue that this is an article in a journal rather than a chapter in a book.
  • McCoy and Friedman authored the article "Conditional Spending ..."; it's published in Supreme Court Review, a law journal.
  • Search for "Supreme Court Review" in the Law Library catalog as mentioned in this guide.

Barbara Ward, Progress for a Small Planet, Harv. Bus. Rev., Sept.-Oct. 1979, at 89, 90.

  • Again, the absence of the word "in" is the clue that this is an article; also, the title of the journal (which, like a book title, is in large and small capitals) is abbreviated, and this is another clue it is not a book (book titles are never abbreviated).
  • The title of the journal provides the clue that this is not a legal journal, and should probably be found via resources other than the Law Library catalog
  • Ward is the author an article "Progress ..." in the non-law journal, Harvard Business Review.
  • Look up "Harvard Business Review" in the E Journal Titles A to Z finder and/or in OskiCat as mentioned in this guide.

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