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International Commercial Arbitration: Awards & Decisions


If you have a citation, go to the source for the citation:

Matermaco SA v. PPM Cranes Inc., Legris Industries SA, Tribunal de Commerce [Court of First Instance], Brussels, 20 September 1999, 25 Y.B. Comm. Arb. 673 (2000).
The source is the Yearbook, Commercial Arbitration (available in print and electronic).

Or, if you know the arbitral body, you can try the body’s website or a collection of awards. 

M.C.I. Power Group L.C. et al. v. Ecuador, ICSID Case No. ARB/03/6, Decision on Annulment (Oct. 19, 2009). 
Start with the ICSID website.  Using “Search ICSID Cases” -- you can search by claimant, respondent, or case number.

If you don’t have a citation, use the databases in the next column to search by name of the award. If you know the name of the arbitral body (UNCITRAL, NAFTA, etc.), try searching the websites of these bodies.  If you don’t have a citation or know the arbitral body, try searching Kluwer Arbitration or Investment Treaty Arbitration. 

If you have the following citation:  S.D. Myers, Inc. v. Canada, Partial Award on the Merits (NAFTA Ch. 11 Arb. Trib. Nov. 13, 2000), you should start with Investor-State LawGuide.  

If you have this citation: Himpurna California Energy Ltd. v. PT. (Persero) Persusahaan Listruik Negara (Indonesia), Final Award (May 4, 1999), you should start with one of the databases or websites that allow for searching by claimant or defendant.

Print and Electronic Sources

Here are some print sources that contain awards and decisions. To locate more sources for awards, search LawCat using the subject: international commercial arbitration -- cases (or use these words as keywords).

Case law Digests

Digests are useful tools when researching case law.  Many allow you to research by an article of convention, topic, or case name.

UNCITRAL Digest of Case Law on the United Nations Convention on the International Sale of Goods (CISG) .

Digest of ICSID Awards and Decisions1974-2002 and 2003-2007.

Digest of International Investment Jurisprudence.

Sources for Awards/Decisions

While there are a variety of print and electronic sources for awards, not all awards are published due to confidentiality issues.  To complicate matters even further, there is no one source for locating all awards and decisions.

"Although published awards have no formal precedential value and are not binding on anyone other than the parties to whom the award was issued, arbit al awards constitute highly persuasive forms of authority, particularly with respect to procedural matters that are not typically discussed in judicial opinions. Thus, experienced advocates and arbitrators look to published awards for guidance concerning issues such as the interpretation of arbitral rules, the challenge of arbitrators, permissible procedures in hearings and the like." S.I. Strong, Research in International Commercial Arbitration: Special Skills, Special Sources, 29 Am. Rev. Int’l Arb. 119, 143 (2009).


  • CISG Database (large collection of national cases and arbitral awards related to CISG). Note: registration is now required to use this database.
  • CISG-online (all relevant CISG case law, including links to translated versions of many cases).
  • ICC Dispute Resolution Library (Awards from International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and International Court of Arbitration). (Berkeley Law only).
  • ICSID Cases (browse the list or search the publicly available cases and awards; if the text is not available, there is a citation to the source).
  • International Arbitration Case Law (IACL) (a small collection of summaries from arbitral tribunals, international tribunals and national courts in matters of international arbitration).
  • Investment Arbitration Reporter (IAReporter) (database offering access to all publicly-known investor-state claims, as well as coverage of many unpublished confidential awards)
  • Investment Claims (fully searchable collection of publicly available awards and decisions from international investment arbitrations, and related enforcement or review decisions from national courts; subscription database. (UCB only).
  • Investment Treaty Arbitration (a large collection of full-text awards that can be located chronologically, alphabetically by claimant or respondent, and there is a search engine).
  • Investor-State LawGuide (good for NAFTA, ICSID, and ad hoc tribunal cases; subscription database) (UCB only) Note: click "Login".
  • Jus Mundi (searchable collection of commercial arbitration and investment arbitration) (UCB only).
  • KluwerArbitration (searchable collection of New York Convention decisions from national courts and awards; subscription database. (UCB only).  Watch a demo on YouTube.
  • NAFTAClaims (documents and decisions related to NAFTA investor-state dispute settlement--no longer updated after 2015).
  • New York Arbitration Convention (court decisions by topic and by country).
  • New York Convention Guide (access to cases by article or by jurisdiction).
  • Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) (contains pending and past cases).
  • TradeLawGuide (WTO jurisprudence) (UCB only).
  • Trans-Lex (search or browse by the Trans-Lex Principles; links to arbitral awards but these may not be the entire award).
    Transnational Dispute Management (TDM), Laws and Regulations by Country (awards, cases, laws, treaties). (UCB only).
  • UNCITRAL, CLOUT (Case Law on UNICTRAL Texts) (provides summaries of court decisions and arbitral awards involving the UNCITRAL Model Law, with citations or links to full-text sources, if available).
  • UNCTAD Investment Dispute Settlement Navigator (contains information about known international arbitration cases initiated by investors against States pursuant to international investment agreements (IIAs). 
  • UNILEX on CISG & UNIDROIT Principles: International Case Law & Bibliography (cases on the CISG and UNIDROIT Principles of International Commercial Contracts; search by country, date, instrument article, or issue).
  • WestlawNext "Arbitration Materials" (Covers several different bodies, like the ICC, ICSID, etc. Note: some of the content is not available to law school subscribers.). (Berkeley Law only).
  • (a great source for commentaries on WTO panel reports and arbitrations). (UCB only).

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