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International Commercial Arbitration: Litigation

This guide covers both commercial arbitration as well as investment arbitration (Investor-State)


This page offers a quick overview of some of the resources you may need to research international litigation issues (service of process, enforcement of judgments).  This issues may require the use of treaties as well as the national law and procedure of different countries.  The secondary sources are a good place to start. 


These are a few of the keywords that can be used to look for more resources, like journal articles.  

  • international civil procedure
  • commercial litigation
  • cross-border litigation
  • enforcement of foreign judgments
  • international litigation
  • jurisdiction
  • private international law
  • foreign judgments
  • service of process
  • transnational litigation

Treaties and Conventions

These websites provide access to many of the treaties and conventions used in international litigation.

Foreign Law

You may need the law and procedure for specific jurisdictions.  These tools will point you to how to locate applicable law and other resources. Some of the secondary sources noted in the box to the right cover the law and process of various jurisdictions.

Secondary Sources

These resources provide commentary and analysis and may also cite to relevant laws.  Some of these titles are available in print, electronic, or both.

Research tip: Search LawCat for books about discovery, civil procedure, damages, class actions, etc. 

Journal Articles

One of the best ways to locate articles is to use legal journal indexes. The best of the indexes include:

You can also search full-text collections on Lexis AdvanceWestlaw, and HeinOnline.  Keep in mind that none of these resources are comprehensive on their own.

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