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International Human Rights: Commentary

Working Papers

Working papers are a good source for commentary on current topics.  Search for more working paper collections by using "human rights and working papers" in a Google search.


Selected Publications

Peace Palace Library - A good way to keep up on new publications, including articles and books, is to search the Catalogue using keywords.


To identify books in our collection, search LawCat using keywords. You can search using general keywords (women's human rights) or more specific terms (economic and social rights).

Rachel Murray, African Charter on Human and Peoples' Rights: A Commentary (2019).

Katherine G. Young ed., The Future of Economic and Social Rights (2019).

Francisco Pascual-Vives, Consensus-based Interpretation of Regional Human Rights Treaties (2019).

Routledge Handbook of Human Rights in Asia (2019).

Dinah Shelton ed., The Oxford Handbook of International Human Rights Law (2013).

Sarah Joseph and Adam McBeth, Research Handbook on International Human Rights Law (2010).

Journal Articles

One of the best ways to locate articles is to use legal journal indexes. The best of the indexes include:

Journal Articles from Other Disciplines

The main library offers many databases for locating journal literature from other disciplines, like international relations, peace and conflict studies, political science, public policy, and many more.  To locate relevant databases, select the subject from the A-Z list.  Databases noted as "Recommended" are good places to start.

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