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Wellness Guide: Counseling Resources

This guide is intended to provide the Berkeley Law community with wellness and resilience information. The guide offers a host of internal and external resources in a wide variety of mediums.

About the Wellness Guide


The scope of this guide extends beyond the traditional conceptions of mental health: it is designed to provide information about and tools for addressing the various facets of wellness. Wellness, as defined by this guide, includes emotional, social, occupational, environmental, intellectual, spiritual, and financial well-being.  

Though attending law school is an exciting time, filled with opportunity and growth, it is also frequently accompanied by a unique host of challenges. As such, it is critical to understand the various strategies that will empower you to achieve a sense of balance and well-being. These skills extend far beyond the classroom: mindfulness and general wellness tools can and should be leveraged throughout your professional trajectory. With that in mind, this guide aims to provide resources for both the law school context and the occupational context. 

The Berkeley Law School Library is committed to providing students with wellness resources. If there is anything you would like to see in the Wellness Guide, please let us know. Kindly note that the research librarians are not lawyers or mental health professionals and cannot provide legal, counseling, or medical advice. We have compiled this guide to help direct you to resources with an emphasis on free and low-cost platforms, but in no way endorse the content or views of these external resources. 

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Berkeley Law Resources

Berkeley Law Student Services

At Berkeley Law, the Dean of Students, Annik Hirshen, the Director of Student Services, Kyle Valenti, and the Assistant Director of Student Services  - Equity and Inclusion, Emily Bruce, are available for academic and personal advising and counseling. Students are encouraged to go to Student Services to discuss academic plans, questions about the profession, personal concerns, summer activities, and other matters. 

Berkeley Law Counseling Services

Whatever it is that you are navigating (personal, school-related, etc.), remember that you are not alone. We have confidential counseling services available at the law school: Dr. Linda Zaruba is available in 374A on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. To make an appointment, text or call her at (510) 326-1267. Dr. Christine Chang is in 374A on Tuesdays. To make an appointment, contact her by email. 

Berkeley Law Library - Just for Fun!

The Berkeley Law Library offers a variety of activities to help decompress from studying, whether for five minutes or for a few hours. In the upstairs reading room and in LL2, the Law Library has a collection of jigsaw puzzles (you get a prize if you complete one!), adult coloring books, crossword puzzles, magazines, popular reading, Bay Area books, DVDs, and of course, the big candy bowl at the circulation desk! 

Additional items available at the circulation desk for your studying comfort:

  • Earplugs
  • Cough drops and pain relievers
  • Bandaids
  • Bookstands

University Resources


Recalibrate is a new University-wide command center for wellness resources. The site offers tools that aim to help students identify their own unique system of wellness.

University Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

CAPS offers short term counseling for academic, career, nutrition, and personal issues (including group and / or couples counseling). CAPS also has psychiatry services for when medication can help with counseling. There is no charge to get started and all registered students can access services regardless of their insurance plan.

For more information about CAPS, including appointment availability, CAPS staff profiles, and general informational handouts, please visit the Health Services site.

For after hours crisis services:

  • Call the After Hours Counseling Line at (855) 817-5667
  • Find a local emergency room. The closest to campus is Alta Bates Hospital, 2450 Ashby Ave., just east of Telegraph Ave
  • Use the Crisis Text Line: Crisis Text Line is free, 24/7 emotional support for those in crisis via text messaging

Be Well @ Cal

Be Well @ Cal is a Health Services effort to encourage students to take care of themselves in all aspects of their lives. The goal is not just to address illness but to support students in living balanced and fulfilled lives. Be Well addresses student stress, resilience, gratitude, self-compassion, social connection, sleep, healthy eating, exercise, time management, and career planning. Be Well also includes initiatives just for fun!

For timely updates about Be Well events:


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External Community Resources

Bay Area Counseling Resources
General Counseling Resources
Law-Related Counseling Resources

Holistic Wellness

Physical: The role that you take in maintaining your body for strength, vitality, and energy.

Emotional Health: Being aware and managing your feelings, being at peace with who you are, and having the tools you need to weather life's ups and downs.

Environmental: Reflects the impact your environment (home, school, city, planet) has on you and the impact you have on the environment.

Financial: Your relationship with money and skills for managing resources, as well as your ability to make good consumer choices and seek out appropriate financial opportunities.

Occupational: The work you choose to do and how it contributes to your community and fulfills you.

Social: How you choose to define and connect with your community and the people around you.

Intellectual: Feeling stimulated and engaged with learning and staying open to new ideas and perspectives.

Spiritual: Your understanding of your place and purpose, how you make meaning of what happens to you, and what your mind goes to for comfort or relief.

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