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SelectedWorks - Author pages: SelectedWorks

This guide provides basic information about SelectedWorks pages. It discusses inclusion in the Berkeley Law SelectedWorks gallery and tips on getting started.

What is SelectedWorks?

Berkeley Law branded SelectedWorks pages are provided by the Berkeley Law Library in addition to the Berkeley Law Scholarship Repository. The SelectedWorks pages that are affiliated with Berkeley Law offer an opportunity to showcase scholarly works and other content designed to complement Berkeley Law's web presence. 


Think of this page as a dynamic CV. SelectedWorks pages provide authors with a web presence to highlight created content and scholarly work. An author can 'collect' full-text materials that exist in the Berkeley Law Scholarship Repository and other bepress repositories. Authors may also add other materials that may not fit into the current policies of the repository. The author maintains control over how their SelectedWorks page is organized and the items that are appropriate for inclusion or exclusion. 


Any author can create a SelectedWorks page, but only authors who are approved for inclusion in the Berkeley Law SelectedWorks Gallery will have the ability to retain Berkeley Law branding. See the other sections of this guide for more information about Berkeley Law affiliated branding.

To get started, visit: Follow the directions for getting started and choose Berkeley Law as your affiliated institution. If you would like training assistance with your SelectedWorks page, please contact Joe Cera.

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