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Consumer Protection Law: Secondary Sources

Using Secondary Sources to Research Consumer Protection Law

Secondary sources, including legal treatises, practice guides, study aids and law review articles provide a discussion of the statutory law, regulations, and case law governing a particular area of law.  Research using secondary sources is a useful approach to understanding almost any legal topic.  Secondary sources are a good way to begin your study on "consumer protection law", since it is a topic addressed in a number of different areas of law.  This page provides Information on major consumer law treatises, practice guides, study aids and self-help books as well as suggestions for expanding your research.  Some titles are available in our print collection, some electronically through our subscription databases, and some are available in both formats.

Consumer Finance Law and Compliance

This substantial treatise provides comprehensive coverage of  the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau created in 2011 under the Dodd-Frank Act.  It " ...serves as a guide to counsel whose clients are subject to the Bureau's sweeping jurisdiction and potent toolkit. It is designed to provide practical insight for navigating the Bureau's mandated functions and authorities, its rulemaking, examination, and enforcement processes, and the substantive laws it implements and enforces."  It is available electronically on the Bloomberg Law database. Bloomberg Law is free, after registration,  to all law students.

Consumer Protection & the Law and Consumer Credit & the Law

Consumer Protection & the Law by Dee Pridgen and Richard M. Alderman is an annually updated treatise covering various areas of consumer protection law  including  state and federal unfair and deceptive practices statutes, consumer fraud and consumer product warranty law (including Magnuson Moss Warranty Act and state lemon laws).

Consumer Credit & the Law, also authored by Pridgen and Alderman, a companion volume to Consumer Protection & the Law, covers the related but separate areas of consumer credit law, integrating "a discussion of both federal and state laws, and also covers a range of consumer credit issues, from the granting of credit, through debt collection (with the exception of bankruptcy issues)."  Both volumes address privacy protection of consumer's personal and financial information.

Both treatises are available via individual password on Westlaw.

Consumer Credit Guide and the Consumer Product Safety Guide

Both of these multi-volume treatises are available electronically on the Cheetah platform.  The Consumer Credit Guide is a comprehensive, multi-volume treatise that includes state and federal laws and regulations governing consumer credit, including rights, remedies, and transactional requirements. State topical areas that are covered include creating consumer credit transactions; disclosure requirements; interest rates, finance charges, and fees; enforcing consumer credit transactions; terminating consumer credit transactions; consumer rights and remedies; penalties and liabilities; and special provisions. Federal law topics include truth-in-lending; consumer leasing; fair debt collection practices; fair credit reporting; equal credit opportunity; and consumer financial protection.

The Consumer Product Safety Guide covers regulatory, legislative, judicial, and industry developments affecting consumer product and motor vehicle safety. The Guide provides full coverage of the activities of the Consumer Product Safety Commission and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Study Aids

Consumer Protection Law in a Nutshell by Dee Pridgen and Gene A. Marsh. Covers federal and state law dealing with consumer transactions, including caselaw and statutes. Includes an overview of public (both FTC and CFPB) and private enforcement actions to regulate the marketplace.  Available in print in Reserves, and electronically through West Academic Study Aids.

Additional study aids related to consumer protection law:

Payments Law in a Nutshell, print and electronic.

Bankruptcy and Related Law in a Nutshell.

Understanding Bankruptcy.

Additional Resources - Expanding Your Research

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