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Consumer Protection Law: Consumer Law News

Current Awareness Sources

Current awareness tools like newsletters and email alerts can be a good way to keep up to date on developments in case filings, legal decisions, regulatory action or other agency actions.

  • Law360 > Consumer Protection - use this link to see current headlines.
    • To create an account and receive newsletter alerts, go to Newsletter Signup (use your address). To sign in or manage your Law360 account later, click the "group" icon ("University of California Be ...") at the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Bloomberg BNA > Class Action Litigation Report > Consumer Protection (hot topics)
    • To create an account and receive alerts, go to Create an account profile and sign in using your Bloomberg Law credentials. At the Class Action Litigation Report front page (upper left side, under "Latest News") you should now see "Welcome YOUR NAME"; above that, click the envelope icon to "Sign up for email updates" and check the box for "Bloomberg Law Class Action News: Personalized Highlights" and save your profile; finally, at the top left side of the Class Action Litigation Report front page, click on Customize Topics (next to Home) and check the box for Consumer Protection (and any other class action tags that interest you).

Remote Access and Bloomberg Law

If you are receiving email alerts and want to open links to full-text from home, you will need to confirm you are set up for remote access to subscription materials. Check the Campus Proxy access instructions to make sure your browser is configured (under "EZproxy") and creating/using a browser bookmarklet (under "A Licensed Link Didn't Work!")

To use Class Action Litigation Report or other Bloomberg BNA resources for emailed newsletters and alerts, you will need to register a Bloomberg Law account. If ou haven't done so already, Register for a Student Account, using your address.

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