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Computing Guide: Google Drive (bDrive)

A guide to computing at Berkeley Law.

Google Drive App - Automatically Back Up Your Work!

Berkeley Law students receive a large amount of free cloud storage on Google Drive (aka "bDrive") while they are enrolled at UC Berkeley. We strongly encourage our students to make use of this storage to back up their essential files and in-progress schoolwork/documents.

Installing the Google Drive app will allow Google to back up/sync your files automatically, so long as your computer is connected to the internet. The app also allows you to access all files you've manually stored in bDrive directly from a folder on your computer.

You can also always manually access your files, and back up files by uploading or dragging/dropping them on the page, by visiting the Google Drive website while logged into your Google account.

Other cloud storage services (such as Box, OneDrive, and Dropbox) also perform similar automatic backups, if you prefer to use a different service. The most important thing is that you are backing up your work somewhere! The advantage of Google Drive is that you have a large amount of storage available for free while enrolled, and you're already using your campus Google account for your campus email, calendar, and other services.


Installing the Google Drive App

You can get started by downloading and running the Google Drive app ( and following the prompts to install and configure it. Make sure to log into the app using your full email address (this should trigger a CalNet login prompt).

Google maintains instructions and lots of detailed information about installing and using the Google Drive app:

If you run into problems or have any questions about installing and configuring the Google Drive app after perusing these instructions, feel free to reach out to Student Computing for advice/assistance via email or chat.

Help & Support

Email computing staff at

Chat with computing staff HERE during remote support hours.

Walk-in support available at the law library front desk (labtechs).

Lab Hours

The computer lab is open (to Berkeley Law students only) whenever the Law Library is open (but not during the Main Reading Room-only hours). Please consult our hours here or reach out to us through email or chat for technical assistance.