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Computing Guide: Printing

A guide to computing at Berkeley Law.

Printing Costs

$0.08 per page

$0.11 per page

$0.60 per page

*Please note that anything printed to the color printer will be charged at $0.60 per page, regardless of whether or not the printing is in color, so please be mindful of where your print jobs are going. Student Computing staff are not responsible for crediting back pages accidentally sent to the color printer.*

Printer and Scanner Locations

Computer Lab
(Law Library: LL131)

  • 1 color printer + print release station
  • 1 B&W printer + print release station
  • 1 face-up, open-book scanning system with touch-screen (For law students only)

Printer/Scanner Room
(Law Library: LL130)

  • 2 high-speed black-and-white, double-sided printers + print release stations
  • 2 Lexis printers
  • 1 touch-screen scan system with flatbed and document feed scanners
  • 1 face-up, open-book scanning system with touch-screen

Circulation Reserve Area
(Law Library: LL1)

  • 1 face-up, open-book scanning system with touch-screen and attached document feed scanner (reserve library collection only)

Student Center
(Room 22, West Basement)

  • 1 high-speed black-and-white, double-sided printer + print release station
  • 1 touch-screen can system with flatbed and document feed scanners

Print Allowance

Every Berkeley Law student is given an annual printing allowance that is the equivalent of $100. This allowance lasts for the entire academic year (August 2023-August 2024). Summer LLMs are given half of their year's allowance each summer that they are on campus ($50). Visiting scholars do not receive a free printing allowance. If you are a Center for Law and Society scholar, please contact

Please note:

  • Your printing allowance is not "real money," it is only an allotment of free printing at the law school printers that you are able to use before the print system begins charging you the campus rates.

  • Your print allowance will not work at printers outside of the law school.

  • Your print allowance has no cash value and cannot be refunded as money.

  • Your print allowance is replaced/replenished at the beginning of each academic year. (It is NOT cumulative - you receive $100 per year regardless of how much you used the previous year.)

Pharos print software keeps track of your printing and lists your current remaining allowance at the print release stations where you go to release your print jobs to the printers. If your print balance is too low for the current job you are trying to print, that print job will not go through. Your account is not charged for any print jobs until you actually print them out at a release station.

You can add more money to your account by visiting, logging into your account, and following their prompts to purchase additional funds. You will also need to add money to your Cal1Card account if you wish to print at other printers on campus outside the law school. It can take up to 5 minutes for your account to be credited with any new funds that you purchase.

Please note:

  • Money you add to your Cal1Card account is your own money and you can use the funds that you have paid for at other authorized merchants on campus (such as dining locations and laundry facilities) as well as for printing.

  • Cal1Card can refund your remaining Cal1Card funds upon request after graduation (more information here - "Can I get my debit card money back after graduation?").

For information about Lexis/Westlaw/Bloomberg printing, resizing documents so they are compatible with the law school printers, or instructions for printing from various locations and devices, see the related tabs in the drop-down menu of the Printing tab.

Printing Support

If you experience any problems while printing in the lab, consult a lab tech. You should think carefully before printing, as you will be charged for all print jobs.

Pay particular attention to printing from Lexis. Lexis provides their own standalone printers in the printing/scanning room and you should route your Lexis print jobs to these printers using Lexis' website menu for printing (Note: you must be logged into your Lexis account.) Any Lexis print jobs routed to the lab's own printers will be charged against your account.

If your document is ruined in some way by the printer or computer (printer jam, toner has run out, etc.), you may get the ruined pages credited back to your account. Simply speak to lab staff or send an email to explaining the problem and when the issue occurred.

Please hold onto your ruined pages in case you need to show them to lab staff for verification. Once submitted, the request will be considered and processed and the dollar amount will be credited back to your print balance. Please note that this may not happen immediately. If you have a particularly large request, or feel that your request was not processed, please ask for Thomas Lee at the library front desk for assistance.

Refunds will not be considered for non-computer/printer-related errors.

Help & Support

Email computing staff at

Chat with computing staff HERE during remote support hours.

Walk-in support available at the law library front desk (labtechs).

Lab Hours

The computer lab is open (to Berkeley Law students only) whenever the Law Library is open (but not during the Main Reading Room-only hours). Please consult our hours here or reach out to us through email or chat for technical assistance.

Public Users

This printing information is for law students only. If you are a visitor or public patron seeking information about printing or copying in the law library, please see the Scan & Print Services and public computing information.