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Computing Guide: Home

A guide to computing at Berkeley Law.

Getting Help

Our computer lab (LL131 in the law library) is staffed by our student labtechs, who can provide you with answers to general and technical questions.

You can also chat with or email IT staff at for help with any of your computing issues.

The campus knowledge base can also be useful for additional instructions and information - use the search function to find relevant articles.

Laptop Lending on Campus

During the COVID-19 pandemic, campus created the Student Technology Equity Program (STEP) for the long-term lending of laptops and other equipment to students. The program is still active for the 2022-2023 academic year. The STEP program generally makes lending decisions based on proof of financial need. Details and the application form can be found at this link - Student Computing has no access to or knowledge of STEP program policies and procedures.

Other laptop/device lending programs and information on campus can also be found at this link. The main campus library system does offer a number of loaner laptops for students to check out - we recommend visiting Moffitt to obtain one. The law library and law school do not offer any loaner laptops to our students.

Student Computing

Computing services offered to Berkeley Law students include a computer lab exclusively for law students, email accounts, computer hardware and software tips/recommendations, training on using library-based electronic resources, and software support as well as referrals to sources of help on issues that exceed our level of support.

If you are not a student at Berkeley Law, please see our section on public computing for visitors.

Welcome, New Berkeley Law Students!

New Summer 2023 students are shown an orientation presentation about Berkeley Law library and student computing resources. The slides from your orientation presentation are also available here (link requires you to be logged into your Berkeley account). All of the computing topics and links covered during the orientation presentation are also available within the pages of this online computing guide.

We have made PDF versions of our Printing handout and Wireless handout available for easy reference. The same information is also available within this computing guide in the printing and wireless sections.

If you have any technical support questions, please do not hesitate to reach out by emailing us, or chatting with us during business hours! If you have more general library inquiries, consult the law library's Contact Us page to find the best way of getting assistance.

Account/Privilege Expiration Information for May 2023 Graduates

If you graduate in May 2023, here is information about your account and privilege expiration dates. Please use the tabs above to navigate to the information you're seeking. Key dates are also highlighted in the library "How Do I?" flyer about graduation.

Law Library Computer Lab & Printing:
You may use the computer lab, and your print funds are guaranteed to continue, until at least July 31, 2023. Access and remaining free printing credits will be removed in early- to mid-August when incoming student accounts are processed for the fall semester.

Law Library Borrowing (books, other materials):
All library accounts belonging to graduates are typically deleted on June 30, 2023. However, if you would like to extend your borrowing privileges, just email and we can extend your Law Library borrowing privileges until August 31, 2023. Please remember to return all your library books (or contact for advice/assistance).

Remote Access to Library Databases (Proxy Server):
Your CalNet ID's remote access to our databases (not including Westlaw, Lexis, and Bloomberg - see their tabs for more information) via the campus proxy expires when the campus loads new students into the student information system. This is normally mid-August. You can access all campus databases until that time. VPN access terminates upon graduation.

Campus Email and CalNet Services:
Eligibility for regular students to services such as bMail and bConnected continues for a 274-day (9-month) grace period after your name is no longer in registration records. If you graduate in May 2023, that grace period will begin in mid-August, meaning your access to these services will expire in approximately May 2024. Go to for more information. Make sure to respond to any emails asking you to opt in for the grace period.

For information about claiming and retaining your email address as an alum, visit the @cal Alumni Network page.

Wireless Access:
Berkeley-Visitor access will always be available. If you have questions about eduroam access expiration, you should contact campus's Student Technology Services (510-642-4357 or for more information.

Cal1Card Debit Funds:
If you have manually loaded money into your Cal1Card debit account at any point and you have now graduated, you can contact the Cal1Card office for a refund of any remaining funds minus a $10 processing fee. There is more information available here:

Something Else?:
If you have questions about some other campus privilege or account, you will need to contact the appropriate campus department for more information.

Borrowing Privileges at Other Campus Libraries:
Borrowing privileges for other UC libraries expire when the campus loads new students into the student information system. This is normally mid-August. If their current access policies permit borrowing, you can borrow from other UC libraries until that time.

Under the current campus software license agreements, you cannot keep either Microsoft Office 365 or Adobe Creative Cloud software after graduation. If you have this software installed, it will expire and cease to function soon after graduation.

If you have questions about software licensing, you should contact

Under the license agreement for the Zoom Pro accounts granted to all Berkeley students, your Zoom Pro account will expire and revert to a Zoom Basic account soon after graduation. Your account will not stop working, but certain limitations, like 40-minute group meetings, will be enforced. Your account may expire entirely at the end of grace period in May 2024 (for May 2023 graduates).

If you have questions about your Zoom Pro account license/expiration, you should contact

Follow the prompts on the Westlaw sign-in page to enroll in the 'Grad Elite' program and extend your subscription 18 months following graduation (through December 31, 2024 for May 2023 graduates). Westlaw usage is capped at 60 total hours per month for each of the 18 months following graduation.

May 2023 graduates will automatically continue to have Lexis+ access until November 12, 2023.

If you have a Bloomberg account, you will automatically continue to have access to Bloomberg Law until November 30, 2023 (for May 2023 graduates). If you have not previously activated your Bloomberg Law account, do so before graduation so you can have extended access. A student can register for an account at any time, without an activation code, via

Quimbee access continues until August 1, 2023 for May 2023 graduates.

About the Computer Lab

Berkeley Law's computer lab is located in Room LL131 in the law library. There are approximately 15 Macs and Windows PCs in the lab.

The PCs run Windows 10 and the Macs run OS X 10.15. A number of lab computers have CD-ROMs/DVD-ROMs and a few are set up with CD-RW/DVD-RW capability. USB ports are available on the front of most computers or on the side of their monitors to accommodate USB drives and devices.

The lab has access to multiple high-speed HP LaserJet printers, and you can find out more about lab printing under the Printing tab. The lab also has a number of "ScannX" and "KIC" scanning systems, easy-to-use touchscreen scanning stations that can scan books and documents to e-mail, a USB drive, a printer, or Google Drive.

Use of the computer lab is reserved for enrolled law students only. Other UCB students and the general public may use the computers in the public areas of the library for research purposes. Printing and scanning services from these public computers are available through the Cal1Card guest card system for a fee.

Lab Policies

Absolutely NO FOOD OR DRINK is allowed in ANY of the computer lab or printing/scanning spaces. If you bring food and drink into the lab, we will have to ask you to take it away.

We must revoke your Lab Privileges if you:

  • Allow another person to use your account and password
  • Attempt to reconfigure the operating system of any lab computers
  • Use abusive language, sexually harrass, or engage in physical contact with any staff or person using the labs
  • Steal any hardware or peripherals from the workstations

Access for Students with Disabilities
It is the policy of the Berkeley Law Library to provide equal access to library resources and services for all of our primary patrons. Berkeley Law students with disabilities should contact for information about services available at the Law School and to arrange for any accommodations necessary to use computing resources.

Help & Support

Email computing staff at

Chat with computing staff HERE during remote support hours.

Walk-in support available in the LL131 computer lab (labtechs).

Lab Hours

The computer lab is open (to Berkeley Law students only) whenever the Law Library is open (but not during the Main Reading Room-only hours). Please consult our hours here or reach out to us through email or chat for technical assistance.