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Computing Guide: Zoom

A guide to computing at Berkeley Law.

Zoom Pro for Enrolled Students

Free, licensed Zoom Pro accounts are available to all current, enrolled UC Berkeley students. If you are graduating or leaving the university, your Zoom Pro account will revert to a Zoom Basic account soon after you leave the university. Your account will not stop working, but certain limitations will be imposed.

If you have further questions or are encountering Zoom difficulties, please email for support.

Logging into Zoom

To log into your Berkeley Zoom Pro account, please:

  • visit and click Sign In to log in with your CalNet information, or
  • choose the option to Sign in with SSO in the Zoom app (and type "berkeley" before when prompted), then log in with your CalNet information.

Do NOT choose the options to sign in with email or Google, they will not work for your Berkeley account. If you do sign in with a personal/non-Berkeley Zoom account, you may find that you are unable to join Berkeley Zoom classes and meetings, due to campus security restrictions.

More detailed instructions for logging into Zoom can be found here.

Using Zoom for Remote Learning

The campus Student Technology Services department sponsored the free Zoom Pro accounts for all students, and has also created a page with instructions for logging into your Zoom Pro account. Other information about your Zoom Pro license is also available at that link.

Zoom has a large library of training/FAQ articles and videos. Here are some which are particularly relevant for students:

Please also remember that you can always visit to join a test meeting and test your connection.

Please direct your Zoom-related questions to and we will be happy to help answer them or find answers for you.

Tips for Reducing Zoom Bandwidth

If you are experiencing performance issues while using Zoom for live classes/meetings, here are some things you should try:

  • Turn off your camera (do not share video of yourself) in your Zoom classes
  • Make sure you have not selected Enable HD or Touch up my appearance in Zoom’s video settings. If these options are checked off, uncheck them. Both of them require additional processing/bandwidth.
  • If possible, choose the option to call in via phone for audio rather than using your computer/device audio (and ideally make sure your phone is not also connected your current internet network when you do this).
  • Completely quit any apps/programs you are not currently using to attend your Zoom classes/take notes. Also close any extra browser tabs that you do not need to have open for class.
  • If you have other devices also connected to your current internet network that you can disconnect or turn off during your Zoom sessions, this may help reduce the stress on your network.
  • Check out Zoom's bandwidth recommendations for further details - note, for instance, that Gallery View requires additional bandwidth and you may wish to avoid it!

If you are still encountering problems after trying these tips, please reach out to us at

Help & Support

Email computing staff at

Chat with computing staff HERE during remote support hours.

Walk-in support available at the law library front desk (labtechs).

Lab Hours

The computer lab is open (to Berkeley Law students only) whenever the Law Library is open (but not during the Main Reading Room-only hours). Please consult our hours here or reach out to us through email or chat for technical assistance.