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Student Journals: Development & Alumni Relations | Fundraising

Office of Development & Alumni Relations

All outside fundraising must be coordinated with the Office of Development & Alumni Relations (DAR).

DAR coordinates all outside fundraising at Berkeley Law to ensure that donors do not receive multiple simultaneous solicitations from Berkeley Law and that donations are acknowledged correctly for tax and stewardship purposes

Contact DAR at:

Ways for donors to give to your Journal

Donations to your journal can be donated in one of two ways:

  1.  Credit card:   Law firm employees/contacts can make a donation by calling in to the Gift Processing folks at 510-643-9789.  For wire or EFT instructions, please contact;  or sending the payment to the address below.
  2. By check payable  to "UC Regents" and should include the Journal name in the memo field of the check. The checks should be sent to:

Berkeley Law  
c/o UC Berkeley Gift Services
1995 University Ave; Ste. 400
Berkeley, CA  94704-1070

Often, the law firms ask for a W-9 Form, proof of 501(c)(3), IRS tax ID, or letter of confirmation.  All requests should be e-mailed to Holly ( -- and she will send a PDF of the forms the law firms need directly.   The law firms will receive and acknowledgment from the Alumni Center and a tax receipt from University Relations.

Underwriting a Journal Event

Asking donors to underwrite an event will bring in special rules!  Please contact well in advance to discuss!

Fundraising? Coordinate through BerkeleyLaw's Development & Alumni Relations

All donations received MUST be forwarded to  Development & Alumni Relations for processing and deposit.  They will take care of sending the donor tax deduction paperwork and acknowledgements.

Development & Alumni Relations is the clearinghouse for all BerkeleyLaw fundraising outreach, and can help with the following:

  • Avoiding situations in which more than one center or group contacts the same donor with unrelated requests for financial support
  • Coordinating emails to be sent to alumni for events
    • Requests should be made 6 weeks before your event. This lead time will allow:
      • 1 week for list to be requested
      • Email to be scheduled onto the Communications Calendar to work around/in conjunction with other scheduled communications
      • Email to be written, designed and prepared in Constant Contact
      • Social media to be incorporated as needed
      • Email to be sent and ample time for invitees to schedule this
  • Gift depositing, recording, acknowledging and reporting
  • Provide donors with tax deduction paperwork
  • All donations and contributions must be processed and deposited directly by Development & Alumni Relations

Have donor processing, fundraising or communications questions?

Gift Processing:  Holly Johnson,, 510-642-9045
Balances or checking receipt of donations:  Hunter Schiff, 
Communications:  Jennifer Friedman,, 510-643-2170

   224 Law Building  |    |

Online Fundraising

If you want donors to be able to make gifts online, you must request a “Fund Drive Page” – at least 3 weeks in advance of sending out the link. Contact to begin the process.

lf a journal needs an online fundraising site, you will need to forward the following information to Holly Johnson, the Director of Donor Engagement.  There is no deadline for setting up a fund drive, but if you know you will need one, it will take a few weeks to get it up and running.

TITLE:   Title of fund drive should be five to seven words long
IMAGE:    Minimum size of image: 635 x 400 pixels; landscape orientation recommended

MONETARY GOAL:   How much do you want to raise during your fund drive (academic year)? Make it  realistic but inspiring!

SHORT DESCRIPTION:   Use only one 10- to 20-word complete sentence about the purpose of this drive.  This will appear while the drive is active (between publish date and end-on date).

LONG DESCRIPTION:  Use about 100 words that are complete sentences describing the fund drive’s  impact.

Careful of 'Sponsorships' & benefits in exchange for donations!

UDAR and the IRS are wary of donor sponsorships and benefits given in exchange for donations. To avoid complications, please refrain from using the word “sponsorship” and from offering “perks or benefits,” including tickets to events, etc. Most donors won’t care. Instead, ask firms to “Support the activities of Berkeley Law’s XXXXXX student organization or journal.” You can still have suggested giving levels (Bronze, Gold, etc.) Don’t narrow the focus of the ask, the gift cannot be more restrictive than the fund it is held in.

Here is an example of acceptable language: “We could not publish intersectional feminist scholarship without you. Become a donor and help us push the legal field and the world towards greater justice and equality. We are grateful for any support, no matter the size. Here are some suggested donation amounts: Lavender Menace: $5,000; California Gold: $2,500; etc.”