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Student Journals: Macros- formatting

What is a macro?

Macros are scripts run in MS Word, which are used to apply consistent formatting styles to your journal content.  Our formatting macros are created by our printer, Sheridan, and are specific to each Journal due to variations in fonts, sizes, and default formatting.

Need help with your macro?

If you are having any difficulties applying the macro, you should contact Maro Vidal-Manou,, the journals’ in-house macro specialist, who has been working with macros for the California Law Review for over 15 years.

Information on our macros

  • Macros are written for specific versions of Windows and Word.  In the Summer of 2020, all student journal office computers were upgraded to run Word 2016/2019 and Adobe DC.    Macros were upgraded and installed on journal office computers.
  • Throughout the editing process, a macro can be run on any number of computers, however, the final versions of the Word documents from which you create your pdfs MUST be run on a single designated computer.   This is due to the potential of inconsistent settings and configurations when using multiple computers.
  • The journal members applying the macro can get access to log in remotely to your journal office computer.  Send an email to with the person's name and Calnet ID
  • Your journal office computers should already have the fonts included in your macro installed; if the font is not on the computer you are formatting your articles on, Word will automatically assign a similar but different font substitution This may be problematic when you submit final files to the printer!
  • Please note that  MS Word 2016/19, and Adobe DC are all available to law students, so that you will be able to run the upgraded macro on your own laptops as well.  Contact