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Student Journals: Offprint Orders

Offprints Explained

Offprints (also referred to as reprints) are bound publications of individual articles included in a journal issue.

As a courtesy to the authors, print journals typically provide authors with a standard number of free offprints and/or copies of the full issue in which the article has been published, allowing authors to order additional offprints or copies at their own cost.

Whereas for author copyright agreements, each author must have a separate agreement in place, Offprint Order Forms should be sent only to the first-listed author, who will place a single order on behalf of the article’s co-authors.

NEW!   Authors appearing in online-only Journals have the option of ordering offprints at their own expense.

Author Offprint Orders

Authors in both print and online-only journals have the option of ordering offprints of their articles.

Authors  have the option to order additional offprints or copies of the issue at their own cost.   Authors in online-only journals can place their order directly with our printer, JCI using the instructions on the Online Only Author Offprint Form.

The cost for offprints is calculated based upon the quantity ordered as well as the page count of the article.

Once you have completed editing and formatted an article, you will have the approximate page count of the article, and you are now ready to email that information, along with the Offprint Order Form to the first-listed author of an article.

Author Offprint Order Forms

All journal-specific Offprint Order Forms can be found on the Forms Library tab, but a generic sample can be found below.  Please note that depending upon the journal you may have various offprint offers for student pieces or book reviews.

Generic samples of Offprint Forms are below.