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Student Journals: SHERIDAN Printing + KGL Composition

Sheridan Printing and KGL Composition

As of October 2023, our printer for over 20 year,s JCI, closed down and all of our printing is now done by Sheridan Printing, based out of Hanover, PA.   

Unlike JCI, with which we had a single customer service rep who took care of everything from submitting files til printing and distribution, Sheridan is made up of two separate companies:


KGL- Is where we upload all of our content files, whether for regular print journals, print on demand, or author offprints.  KGL takes care of all of the composition aspects of the print jobs.  They are based out of India, and thus due to the time differences, you'll receive responses to your emails the following day.   


SHERIDAN-  Is where our completed files are transferred, specifications for the job added, and the issues are printed and distributed to subscribers, authors, and editorial offices.