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Student Journals: Journal email

Journal Email Addresses and Distribution Lists

Each journal has both a email address and a email distribution list.   email address (bMail) through University's bConnected;   Like a regular email account, emails can be archived and managed for future reference in an ongoing journal email account.  email distribution list  (bConnected Lists) through University's bConnected;  When an email is sent to the list, it is simply distributed to a defined list of members;  emails are not saved to a single journal email account.

Access email and email distribution lists through bConnected

Journal EMAILaddresses

Each journal has a email address <JOURNAL> which is set up as a bMail account (SPA).  This email address is accessible through the University's bConnected site.

EIC's for each journal are automatically given access by the Journal Administrator at the beginning of each year, just as is done for the Shared Folders.
EIC's can then delegate access to journal members by emailing the Journal Administrator (at a list of members and their email addresses.  Do NOT send these requests to your journal's email address.

Once access has been delegated, you can access the email here:
Login using your calnet ID

FOR INFORMATION on logging in to a SPA account, see these directions.

It is important that these emails be used on journal websites, forms, and correspondence instead of individual member or group gmail addresses for continuity reasons.

Journal email distribution LISTS

Journals also have email distribution lists <JOURNAL> also hosted on bConnected.

Messages sent to <JOURNAL> addresses are distributed as 'lists' which you can define to include specific editors, or journal membership depending upon your needs, such as for article submissions  (<Journal>

EIC's can delegate which members should be included in the distribution by emailing with the email addresses of  journal members to be added to the list.

Once access has been delegated, you can access the email here:
Login using your calnet ID

Unlike the email address, the email will NOT be saved, only distributed.  Thus, the importance of using the email address as the primary contact address on forms and correspondence.