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Student Journals: Symposium | Special Events

Considering hosting a Symposium?

Considering hosting a Symposium or special event?

With some advance planning, the Law School's Journal Administrator, Berkeley Law Events, and Business Services can assist you in planning and executing a successful, efficient event!

There are a huge number of details to consider including:

  • Logistics:  When, where, how
  • Financial:  Budget, funding
  • Planning:  Catering, room reservations, travel, promoting

See below for the 2023 Fall Symposium Training presentation

Booking Flights and Lodging

The Journal Administrator is able to assist your guests with booking flights and making lodging reservations directly, so that they do not need to pay out of pocket.  They are able to make their own arrangements, but will not be able to be reimbursed until after the event has taken place.

To get started, send an email to with the following information:

  • Symposium name and date
  • Name and contact information of guests needing travel / lodging assistance
  • How many nights of lodging you plan to pay

Though Kira will reach out to your guests directly, you can let them know that the following information will be needed to make flight reservations:

  • Full name listed on ID
  • Date of birth
  • Dates of travel /  to and from locations
  • Preferred times/ airlines
  • Contact phone number
  • Known Traveler number and mileage plus number (if applicable)
  • Seat preference (aisle, window)

Berkeley Law Events

If you've not done so already, go to the  Berkeley Law Events page for a wealth of information and resources to help you get started!

Event Registration: information on the two contracted online event registration options (one for free, one for paid registration)-

Room Reservation:  information on how to check availability and make room reservations (

Catering:  List of frequently used caterers for Berkeley Law Events, and Entertainment Policy

Alcohol:  Alcohol MUST be purchased directly by Kira (unless it is being handled through your caterer).  It cannot be purchased by and reimbursed to a student.  You must also obtain an alcohol permit in advance of your event.  

Travel and Lodging: contact Kira for assistance in booking travel and lodging for your hosted guests

Alternate Venue Options:  space in the Law School is very limited; look here for info on alternate venue options

Facilities Requests:  Information to obtain help with set-up, delivery and arranging of tables and chairs (

Media Requests:  Information on obtaining A/V support and any other media devices or assistance (media@law.berkeley.eduETS)

MCLE credit:  Information on requirements and how you can offer MCLE credit hours for your event

Publicity:  Information on the various ways to publicize your event

Virtual Events:  Information on how to host a virtual or hybrid event

Funding your Event- donations and grants

In addition to using your Journal funds (revenue the journal has brought in from subscriptions, royalties, fundraising, etc.) it is highly recommended that you solicit donations to help assist with the funding of your Journal events.  This may be done through soliciting outside law firms, alumni, etc. with the assistance of the Law School’s Alumni Center, or by requesting donations from various centers within the Law School or departments on campus.

In order to make sure that the funds you’ve arranged for are available, you need to follow the following instructions:

All donations received from outside the University MUST be deposited through the Law School’s Development & Alumni Resources in order  to be tax deductible.  If you receive any donations directly to your journal office, you must forward them, along with any correspondence, to the Alumni Center, which will deposit the funds, as well as send an official thank you and tax deduction information.    Any questions about this process may be addressed to Holly Johnson (

Sponsorships to your journal can be donated in one of two ways:

  1.  Credit card:   Law firm employees/contacts can make a donation by calling in to the Gift Processing folks at 510-642-9045  or sending the payment information to the address below..
  2. By check payable  to "UC Regents" and should include the Journal name in the memo field of the check. The checks should be sent to:
Berkeley Law  c/o UC Berkeley
Donor Gift Services, Ste. 400
1995 University Ave.
Berkeley, CA  94704-1070

Often, the law firms ask for a W-9 Form, proof of 501(c)(3), IRS tax ID, or letter of confirmation.  All requests should be e-mailed to Holly ( -- and she will send a PDF of the forms the law firms need directly.   The law firms will receive and acknowledgment from the Alumni Center and a tax receipt from University Relations.

For donations received from within the University, you will need to forward the following information via email to the Journal Administrator ( in order for the funds to be transferred and made available for your use.    This is best done by forwarding the email correspondence you’ve had with the donor, making sure it includes:

  1. Name of center/group/ journal making the donation
  2. Contact person:  name, email
  3. How much they're donating
  4. What this covers (or any restrictions)
  5. Their CHARTSTRING    (NOTE:  the law school finance folks will take care of initiating all transfers)

Graduate Assembly,  ASUC, etc.
If you apply for grants from the Graduate Assembly, or ASUC for your event, this is done entirely separate from the Law School, and you will need to make certain that you meet all deadlines and provide proper documentation in order to receive these grants.

These are typically provided as reimbursements after the fact.  IF you need to pay for a large expenditure (such as catering), and then get reimbursed, you may request that this payment be made from your Journal funds up front, and then have the GA or ASUC make their reimbursement payment directly to the  Journal to reimburse your expenditure.

In order to do this, submit your request for payment for the expense as usual.  The GA or ASUC will request proof of payment, which the Journal Administrator will be able to provide.  You will then need to forward this information to the GA/ASUC.  They will need to make any checks payable to UC Regents.    To ensure that the check is applied correctly to reimburse your journal, please have the check sent directly to the Journal Administrator at the address below.   Make sure to copy the Administrator on any correspondence to the GA/ASUC so that she knows that the payment is forthcoming.