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Student Journals: Food: Ordering + Reimbursement

Options for Ordering Food for Journal Meetings/Events

If you're planning a Journal event and want to order food, you have the option of doing it a couple of ways:

  • Purchase the food yourself and submit receipts for reimbursement 
  • Request that the Journal Administrator pay the vendor directly using your journal's university-held funds

Instructions on how to do both are below.


1) Go to the Student Journals Entertainment Reimbursement Request Form

2) “Payee” field:  enter Your Name as the Payee, and include your email address

3) “Journal Approver” field: enter the name and email address of your journal’s ME or EIC. (If you are the ME or EIC requesting reimbursement, do not enter your name as both Payee and Pre-Approver, but select another member for internal approval of your request) 

4) Click the “Begin Signing” button

5) An Entertainment Certification form will open; enter the information below as follows:

  • Enter your journal’s name
  • Enter your name as payee/requester, your contact information and Student ID Number
  • Enter the event information, including what was purchased and the date 
  • Provide a business purpose or reason for the purchase and how it relates to Berkeley Law
  • Attach an itemized receipt that shows what was purchased and amount paid; it should include the last four digits of your card. If the payment method is not listed on the receipt, provide a statement showing the payment method. This can be a bank or credit statement showing transaction with the vendor, date, and amount paid. Redact any personal identifying information such as your account number, home address, and phone number. 
  • Include a list of attendees (both first and last names) make certain to include yourself!

6) Sign and ‘Finish’ the form.

7) The form will be forwarded to your journal’s financial officer, ME or EIC for review and internal approval.

8) The form is then forwarded to the Journal Administrator for processing.  She will be in touch with you should additional information be required.

Any questions?  Contact the Journal Administrator at 


The process for requesting a direct payment to a vendor is very similar to the process above:

You will need to place the order in one of the following ways:

  • Phoning the vendor directly to place your order, letting them know that Kira will call in with the credit card number; then email Kira ( the details to make the payment
  • For online orders, create a cart with your order and send Kira the information via email on how to access the cart to make the payment using her credit card
  • Email Kira all of your order details:  Vendor name and link to site; list of what's wanted and quantity; delivery or pickup and time; contact information for person making/receiving the order.

One the order is placed, you will still need to follow up by completing the Entertainment Reimbursement Form.  This is done in the same manner as above with a couple edits:

Enter your name as the Requestor, and then enter the vendor name and phone number in the Vendor field immediately below.  If you'd like to include a tip, indicate so on the form and include the amount.