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Student Journals: Student Center

Student Center Logistics

The Do's and Don'ts of the Student Center
(culled from the Student Organizations Handbook)

  • Only one small, Energy Star refrigerator is permitted in each office.
  • Microwaves and toaster ovens are not permitted in any Student Center offices for safety and power capacity reasons.
  • Any changes in office space layout or furniture must be approved by the Building Oversight Committee to ensure compliance with ADA, fire safety and other regulations.
  • Additional furniture or appliances for offices in the Student Center these items will be removed.
  • No posters, flyers, signs, or anything that blocks visual access into the offices are allowed.
  • No bicycles are allowed in the building
  • Do not ever leave open containers of food on the counters. If you have leftover food it must either be discarded immediately, or stored immediately in the refrigerator
  • Hallways must be kept clear at all times. Keep trash and recycling containers inside your office and transfer your office containers frequently into the containers in the kitchen and lounge area to dispose of office trash, recycling and composting from your office.
  • Do not use push pins or tacks on the laminate wall or glass surfaces. If you must attach something to the walls use only Blue tape (painter’s tape) which is easily removable.

Other Important Student Center Info

Access to Offices:   The student center is locked to non-Berkeley Law students;  To get access to these offices you will need to fill out a Key Card Access form, available from Student Services.   This form requires the authorizing signature of your Journal’s EIC.

Maintenance Issues:  Broken or damaged furniture, lighting issues, doors/locks not working, contact  Please include a description of the issue and the office number.

Cleaning supplies: Supplies to clean your offices should be available in the kitchen. A vacuum cleaner is provided in the mail room. Please make sure to return these items after use. If cleaning supplies are not available please contact

AlcoholYou are not permitted to store or consume any alcoholic beverages anywhere in the Student Center or elsewhere in the law school.