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Student Journals: Home


Welcome to your Student Journal LibGuide!

This site was set up to help make journal resources widely available to journal members and to facilitate the dissemination of most up to date journal publishing and administration procedures.

This site includes:

  • procedures for business administration  
  • purchasing and reimbursements
  • up to date forms and production checklists
  • procedures for publishing
  • training and orientation information
  • Joe Christensen Printing handbook and forms

If there is anything that you would like this page to include, please send your suggestions to

Journal Administration

The Journal Administrator should be your first point of contact regarding any journal-related questions you might have:

Finance and business administration

  • How do we order food for Friday’s ed board meeting?
  • We’re out of office supplies, how can I get them without paying out of pocket?
  • How much have we made in subscriptions & royalties this year?
  • Why has our subscription revenue declined so much recently?
  • Do we have enough money to continue printing two issues per year?


  • What if an author wants to change the terms of her Author Copyright Agreement?
  • Help!  Our macro isn’t working!
  • Can we adjust the number of free offprints we provide an author?
  • What do we need to submit to the printer, and in what format?

Subscriptions and circulation management

  • How many subscribers do we have now as compared to last year?
  • We received a request for a subscription to our journal, what should we do with it?
  • A subscriber indicated he never received an already published issue.