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Student Journals: Publishing Roles- who does what, and when?

The Players

There are three main roles in the publishing of our journals:  Journal Editors, Journal Administrator, and for our print journals, our printer Joe Christensen Printing, Inc. (JCI).    Each act in conjunction with one another throughout the production process.


Journal Editors

The Journal editors and members are responsible for all aspects of journal production:

  • Content: article soliciting and selection
  • Correspondence with authors
  • Production: editing, source collection, cite checking, bluebooking
  • Formatting and applying macros to article files
  • Adding DOIs
  • Creating pdfs from final word docs
  • Arranging for the posting of content on Berkeley Law Online Repository
  • Saving final Word and PDFs to the Journal's shared drive

Journal Administrator

The Journal Administrator (who serves as the Publisher) provides assistance and guidance to the journal editors throughout the production and publishing process:

  • Production checklists to help walk through the process
  • Ensures required forms and agreements are in place before publishing
  • Liaison between the rotating editorial boards and the printer
  • Institutional memory regarding how things were done in the past
  • Assistance with obtaining price quotations and processing POD (print on demand) orders

Printer- Joe Christensen Printing, Inc. (JCI)

Our printer, Joe Christensen Printing, Inc. (JCI):

  • Creates journals' formatting macros
  • Printing and fulfillment of journals to subscribers and author offprints to publishing authors
  • Print on Demand: small print runs for authors and editorial office