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Student Journals: Contract Proofs

The Contract Proof Process

One you have submitted your files to KGL, they will begin processing your files.  Our contact at KGL is Anupriya Tyagi <>

Anupriya will send an email with a link to the electronic version of the contract proofs will be sent,  generally within 5 days of file submission.

The contract proof must be reviewed carefully and thoroughly, as any corrections made after an issue goes to press are expensive.

  • The proof will be accompanied by an Error Memo- which lists any obvious formatting, pagination, and footnote inconsistencies noticed by the printer while processing your files.  The Error Memo is not comprehensive, and thus does not replace your close review.
  • Make any corrections to the Word versions of the pages/ files, change into pdfs, and resubmit corrected files via email to Anupriya.
  • Subsequent rounds of contract proofs will be generated and emailed to you for review.  This process will continue until all corrections have been made.
  • Once all corrections have been made, KGL will transfer the completed files to Sheridan for printing and distribution.
  • Journal Administrator will submit the Quantity and Distribution Order Form and mailing label files.

Making Corrections to your Contract Proof

Despite all your pre-submission editing efforts, there will invariably be corrections needing to be made to your files

  • Corrections need to be made to the Word docs from which you created the PDF files you submitted to KGL.
  • Depending upon the nature of the corrections, you may be able to correct a single page from a file, or if the corrections are more comprehensive and change pagination for an article, you may need to resubmit the entire file.   You should submit the minimum number of corrected pages as possible.
  • Once the edits are made to the Word file, you will create updated pdfs and email the corrected pdfs of the pages or files to KGL along with a description of the changes.
  • Once you have submitted the corrected files, KGL will generate  and email you the corrected page proofs.
  • The process of receiving and reviewing contract proofs continues until all edits are finalized
  • Once all corrections are made, you'll approve the issue to go to print
  • Once forwarded to Sheridan a print date will be set, and the issue should be completed and shipped.