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Student Journals: Computer + Tech Services

Computer + Tech Services

Link to Computing Guide Home:  comprehensive site for all things computing to assist students

Computer technical support:  how to request assistance with tech support problems for your journal office as well as personal laptops

Journal email addresses and email distribution lists: 

Each journal has a email address:  (bMail) this is a regular email account, emails can be archived and managed for future reference in an ongoing journal email account.

You can also set up any number of email distribution lists:  (bConnected List) When a message is sent to this address, it is simply distributed to a defined list of members

Journal shared folders:   searching for info on how your internal journal workings?  this information is likely already available on your Journal's GoogleDrive!   see why and how to utilize this invaluable journal resource! 

Journal Zoom and bCal accounts:   Journals have access to Zoom Pro and bCal accounts using your journal's bmail address to log in.