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Student Journals: Journal Editorial Retreats

NEW GUIDELINES- Journal Retreats

Beginning in the fall of 2023, the policy for Journal Editorial Retreats has been updated:

Unless there is a specific reason why a retreat needs to be at a particular location at which you need to spend the night, all retreats must be day retreats in the local area.

An example of a reason might be that your journal is meeting with a specific person who is at the out-of-town location.

Journal Retreats

Per the new policy referenced above, ONLY retreats that are not able to be done locally and thus require an overnight can be paid for using your university-funds.

Plan Ahead!:   If you think your journal's retreat falls under these guidelines, reach out to to inquire, providing the itinerary, what will be covered, and the reason why it cannot be held locally, and Kira will run it past the Law School's CFO to determine whether it qualifies.  If you receive the okay to proceed, see below for list to start planning your event.

If your retreat does not warrant needing to be out of town overnight, you can still host a retreat locally, for which you can use your university-held funds.  This can be held on or off-campus, and day trips are also allowable.  Contact with any questions


When beginning to plan a retreat:

  1. Contact Journal Administrator well in advance to confirm your journal has funds to cover costs (that won't be subsidized by members)
  2. Given your budget, look into various options for locations/ dates etc.
  3. Contact vendor directly and obtain price quotation for your specific event
  4. Email quote, and event details to  for Journal Administrator review and authorization for payment
  5. If deposit is required, amount and date required must be specified in quotation
  6. If food is included in the quote, you will need to submit an Entertainment Certification Form (ECF) along with vendor quotation