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Student Journals: Funding: Grants & Centers

Alternative Funding Sources- Grants & Crowdfunding

Student Journals can secure funding sources other than revenue from subscriptions and royalties by applying for GRANTS both through the Law School and campus:

These are unrelated to your journal's 'University Funds' and are thus handled completely outside of your accounts handled by the Journal Administrator.

You need to plan ahead and apply for grants as soon as you begin planning an event.

Alternate Funding Sources- Centers

Many journals receive funding from Centers both within the Law School as well as other departments on campus which have similar subject association.

Some journals have recurring annual allotments in place, while others obtain sponsorships for certain events.

You'll need to reach out to them on an individual basis to inquire.  If you do receive funding from centers, you will need to notify the Journal Administrator in order to have the funds transferred though the Law School's finance office.