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Student Journals: DOI | Permalinks

DOI (Digital Object Identifier)

DOI, or Digital Object Identifier, is a string of numbers, letters and symbols used to uniquely identify an article or document, and to provide it with a permanent web address (URL).

  1. Each article should have a DOI so that regardless of where the article is posted, it will always have a unique, consistent link that points back to the journal's published version of the article.
  2. You will add the DOI after running the formatting macro on your article.  The macros have been designed so that there is a spot for the DOI as the first item listed in the footnote location of the first page of the article.
  3. To obtain a DOI, you will use the journal-specific link below and log-in using your calnet ID.  Once you log in, you will receive a new, unique DOI each time you refresh the page.   You would then copy and paste the DOI into the DOI field on the first page of the formatted article.
  4. The DOI will be linked to the article when the files are uploaded to the Berkeley Scholarship Repository.  This is taken care of by Reference Librarian, Joe Cera. If you want this done immediately, please email him to let him know that a new issue has been published and posted.
  5. Should you have any questions about accessing or inserting the DOI, please contact Maro Vidal Manou, and she will be able to assist you.



Permalinks are a way that citations within an article can be permanently saved by archiving copies of linked resources.   This is able to be done using     Each journal has access to a account and any journal member checking citations can get access to his/her journal's account.

To gain access to your account, email Reference Librarian Joe Cera with the names and email addresses of the members for whom you'd like to have access.