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Student Journals: Purchasing

Using your journal funds

Once you've confirmed that there is a clear business purpose to your expenditure, it is allowable by UC and Law School policy, and you have funds available to cover the cost, you are ready to submit your order. 

  • Each journal will have a designated member (typically EIC or ME) to internally review and authorize the expenditure on behalf of the journal
  • The Journal Administrator serves as the final authorization for all journal purchases on behalf of the Law School.

Ordering food for meetings

See the separate tab on ordering food for meetings or other journal-related events here:  Journal Reference >  Business | Finance  >  Purchasing/Ordering  Food

Ordering Services NEW!!

Services require PRE-APPROVAL before you have someone begin doing work for you.   A purchase order (or payment guarantee) is required ahead of time, or you risk the possibility of your vendor not getting paid.

Some typical services journals utilize include (but are not limted to):  website development, poster design, t-shirt printing, transcription, photocopying of large jobs

There are a number of forms potential vendors must fill out, and must also have proof or insurance in order to be paid by the University.  You must check in with the Journal Administrator BEFORE you plan on having any services provided for your journal if you want your vendor to be paid, or you may be responsible for paying out of pocket.

Start off by obtaining a price quotation from your preferred vendor for the services you'd like, and submiting it to

Ordering office supplies

OfficeMax is a contract supplier of office supplies to the University, meaning that we receive special pricing discounts.  Journals can take advantage of this discount, while at the same time having supplies paid directly using your university funds.

  • Access the OfficeMax online catalog
  • Copy and paste the detailed item information (item, brand, description, quantity, unit of measure) into an email and send to
  • Your electronic order will be placed by Maro Vidal-Manou using the University’s online purchasing system.
  • Upon arrival, the supplies will be placed in the journal office, and the journal member placing the order will be notified by email.

Ordering goods or supplies

If you would like to order any goods, supplies, or services having the Campus Shared Services pay directly, you will need to complete the Payment Request Form

(Check out the SAMPLE-  Payment to Vendor  to assist you in filling out this form correctly!)

  • Vendor name and contact information
  • Detailed description of the items you are ordering and cost if known
  • Your name and contact information
  • If you have already spoken to the vendor, and obtained a price quote for your order, you should attach that information to your order

No signature is required on this form (unlike the Host signature required for Entertainment), so once the form has been completed, simply email it to for processing. 


For your journal photocopying and printing jobs, you have a couple of options:

  • Moffitt Library Copy Center:  request your journal charstring from the Journal Administrator and your photocopies will be directly billed to your journal funds
  • Copy Central or any other off-campus Copy Center:  you can NO LONGER pay out of pocket and get reimbursed for photocopy jobs!  If you are going to an outside vendor for any photocopying, you MUST have them provide you with an estimate, and submit it along with a Payment Request Form to AHEAD OF TIME.  Regardless of the size of the job, a purchase order must be in place PRIOR to the start of your job.
  • NEW!  For smaller photocopying jobs, we have set up a Purchase Order at Copy Central- under 'Law Journals'
    • Goto Copy Central (Bancroft) for your job.
    • Identify the PO under ‘Law Journals’
    • Retain, scan, and email your invoice to along with your journal name
    • Cost will be debited to your journal’s chartstring
    • Your job will NOT be paid unless you submit the invoice.  If you fail to submit the invoice in a timely manner, you will lose the ability to charge against this purchase order.

PLEASE NOTE:  you can NOT be reimbursed for photocopies made on your Berkeley Law copy cards.  If you have copy jobs for which you will want reimbursement, you will need to use one of the options listed above.