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Student Journals: Scholarship Repository

What is the Scholarship Repository?

BerkeleyLaw's Scholarship Repository hosts all of the UC Berkeley Law Journals' online content.

Funded by the Law Library, this open-access platform is an important part of publishing as it promotes wider dissemination and easier access to articles, and includes:         • Full-text indexing            •Usage statistics     • Searchable archives      • Search engine optimization

Reference librarian Joe Cera, can assist you with managing your journal's page, and keeping your content up to date!

Uploading Content

Journal editors are responsible for making sure new content gets uploaded, and updating your journal's page with updated content to keep it current!

Once you have completed your issue send the final pdfs of the issue to Maro.  She will be assisting in populating the spreadsheet needed for the upload of your content, and forwarding it to Joe.

BerkeleyLaw Scholarship Repository

 Visit the BerkeleyLaw Scholarship Repository: