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Student Journals: Year of Publication

Importance of Year

All UC Berkeley law journals are published on the calendar year, with a volume corresponding to a single calendar year.

When filling out an author copyright agreement prior to forwarding it to an author for signature, it is important the you include both the correct volume (and issue) as well as the correct corresponding year of publication (in paragraph 4).

This needs to correspond to the year of publication and the associated volume, not the year when the contract is signed, or when the article is in production

This is also the case if an issue or volume is delayed publishing.  

For example, if an issue meant for the Fall of 2022 is delayed, and not actually published until Spring 2023, the volume/issue and date must reflect when it should have come out, NOT when it was actually published.


Issue Numbering

If your title has more than one issue per volume, you will need to make sure of the following:

  • All issues in a single volume must have the same year of publication
  • Each issue must have pagination continued from the prior issue; ie:  if issue 1 of a volume ends on page 431, then the STARTING page of issue 2 must begin on 432