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Student Journals: Mail Services

Journal mailboxes- in the student center!

Did you know that each Journal has it's own mailbox in 22 Boalt Hall in the Student Center?

Please make sure to check them weekly (at a minimum) to make sure that you're receiving and responding to mailed items in a timely basis!  You'll be receiving contract proofs, author correspondence, bank statements, etc.

There is also a bin for outoging mail (sent through Campus Mail Services) located in the back of this room.

Misrouted mail

Occasionally, items requiring action by the Journal Administrator are sent to the journal (by email or regular mail).  These need to be forwarded to the Journal Administrator for action.

  • Subscriptions/renewals requests or orders
  • Claims of non-receipt of journal issues
  • Royalty checks from vendors
  • Requests for reprint permission of journal content from publishers or authors
  • Print copies of issues returned for address change 

Please do not put these in a corner of your editorial office;  if these are not forwarded to the Journal Administrator for action, you will likely continue to receive these items.   Many of these items are time sensitive, so please forward them promptly! 

Mail Services

All campus and outgoing mail is handled by campus Mail Services.  Some of the benefits of this service include:

  • Daily mail delivery to your journal mailbox (Student Center Copy Room)
  • Use of bar code labels in place of stamps (can be ordered by the Journal Administrator)
  • Postage is automatically charged to the journal’s University funds
  • Bulk mailings can be processed using a single bar code face sheet
  • For bulk mailings, envelopes do not need to be sealed – flaps will be sealed as the envelope goes through the postage meter machine

Using barcodes and facing sheets

Apply Barcode Labels to Individual Mail Pieces

Adhesive barcode labels can be ordered by the Journal Administrator from Mail Services at your request.  Labels will be delivered to you in one to two days.

Apply these labels to individual mail pieces.








Bundle Mail using a Barcoded Facing Sheet

When sending a large number of envelopes, you can rubber band the envelopes together, and wrap each bundle with a barcoded facing sheet. The facing sheets can be printed on demand by the Journal Administrator at your request.  

Note: for bulk mailings, you do not need to seal individual envelopes; so long as all of the flaps are up and facing the same direction, it will be done for you.