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Student Journals: SWAG

SWAG: Key Points

Key Points:

  • All journal swag/merchandise orders must be placed using UC Licensed Vendors (see list below)
  • Orders must be coordinated with the Journal Administrator, as payment must be made by University Purchase Order
  • When creating your order with the vendor, make certain to include the Journal Administrator as a contact (Kira Abrams;  Journal Administrator)
  • Vendors send all orders for review and approval by the UC License Manager (if my name as a UCB staff person is listed on the order, journals will be able to include their full journal names on the swag)
  • To initiate payment of the order, forward the estimate provided by the vendor to the Journal Administrator, along with the list of journal members who will be receiving the swag
  • There is a MAXIMUM cap of $75 per student per semester (per journal) on the value of swag a student may receive.  This does NOT include shipping or taxes.

Gift Policy indicates:  "Note that the annual per-person limits, when applied to tangible property gifts, do not include incidental costs, such as costs for engraving, packaging, insurance, sales tax, mailing and the cost of gift wrapping that do not add substantial value to a gift"

SWAG: detail on how to order

Many journals like to purchase swag or other journal merch for their members.   This can include shirts, mugs, sweatshirts, etc.  These types of purchase MUST be paid for directly by the Journal Administrator;   they cannot be purchased by you out of pocket and then reimbursed.

When placing your order with the vendor, make certain to include my name as a contact on the order (in addition to your own).  All licensed vendors must submit the order for review by the University's Licensing Manager.   They will only be approved if the orders are shown to have been submitted by and paid for by a UC staff person (me).   If you do not take this step, your design will likely get kicked back

Swag may only be purchased from approved UC Berkeley licensed vendors (see below for list). Journals must set up payment using a purchase order by requesting the order through the Journal Administrator with a licensed vendor.  In addition to the order information, we will require that you provide a list of all students receiving the gift.

MAXIMUM AMOUNTS:  Please also be aware that there is a $75 per student, per semester, per student organization cap on swag and a $300 total per semester cap on the total monetary value of gifts that a student may receive.

SWAG: UCB Licensed Vendors

University-approved list of licensed vendors for merch and swag orders

  • BYOG*         925-829 -3950   (Bay Area female-owned small business with fast turn-around times)
  • Alliance Graphics    510-548-0543   (Berkeley small business with great customer service)
  • Jag Forms      503-656-6066
  • Tugboat        707-252-3536
  • Custom Ink    800-293-4232
  • Gorilla Marketing         951-353-1647
  • 4 Imprint      877-446-7746
  • Albreco/Fog City Marketing Inc.        513-753-2727
  • BLM          909-920-1258
  • Corporate Couture        925-831-3141
  • ID ME*        818-774-9500