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Student Journals: Journal Shared Folders

How to get access

Journal EICs / MEs will send the Journal Administrator a list of the email addresses of journal members for whom they'd like access to be granted.  The permission access information will be provided to these members via email.


Each Journal has a beConnected GoogleDrive account, to which all of the content which had been hosted on the Journal shared folder on the Law School's server was transferred.

This is an invaluable resource for each journal, often times providing detailed information on how things were handled in the past, and providing continuity between editorial boards.

Journal Shared Folders (bDrive)

Each Journal has a shared drive on which all publishing and administrative items should be saved

  • Group account- in perpetuity for ease of transitioning ed boards
  • Convenience of web-based platform;  easier to upload from personal laptops
  • Journal Administrator will have ownership
  • Members logon using Calnet IDs from the bDrive icon on:

To get access to your journal's shared drive: 

  • EICs should email the Journal Administrator a list of journal members' email addresses to be granted access

Shared Folders (bDrive) on bConnected