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Student Journals: Submitting files to the printer

How to submit your files to KGL / SHERIDAN printing

Once you've edited, applied the formatting macro, converted your final Word files to pdf, printed out the pdfs and reviewed them thoroughly for any inconsistencies or common errors outlined on the final file review tab, let the Journal Administrator know that you're ready to submit the files to KGL, the part of Sheridan that does our composition and production work.

  • Prepare .pdf files with Adobe Acrobat Distiller 
  • Each piece should be in a separate file
  • Make sure that all files have identical page setup specifications 
  • Page size should be consistent with previous issues
  • Make sure pagination is correct, starting on the page after the prior issue (if more than 1 issue per volume)

Journal Editor will:

  • Email the files to  (copying Kira and Annette Flannery <> our Sheridan rep) In the body of your email include:
  • Individual pdf files of articles, frontmatter, table of contents
  • KGL Order of Materials Form, containing the information of your current issue (link to form found below)
  • Once submitted, the files will begin the Contract Proof process
  • Once completed, KGL will forward the final files to Sheridan for printing and distribution

Journal Administrator will submit:

  • Offprint Order Form (when files are submitted to KGL)
  • Quantity and Distribution Order (when completed files are sent to Sheridan for printing)
  • Mailing label files (when completed files are sent to Sheridan)


REMEMBER:  The printer will not begin work on your files until they have received the okay  from the Journal Administrator.  It is therefore important that you let the Administrator know well ahead of time when you plan to do so in order for the Administrator to confirm all author copyright agreements and offprint orders are in place and has time to prepare the issue-specific Print Order.