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Student Journals: Submitting files to the printer

How to submit your files to JCI printing

Once you've edited, macroed, converted your final Word files to pdf, printed out the pdfs and reviewed them thoroughly for any inconsistencies or common errors outlined on the final file review tab, AND let the Journal Administrator know that you're ready to do so, it's time to submit your files to the printer.

The Journal editors will submit files be sending an email to:

  • Kyle Driver:
  • JCI Order Desk:
  • Journal Administrator:

In the body of your email you will need to include:

  • Individual pdf files of articles, frontmatter, table of contents
  • JCI Order of Materials Form, containing the information of your current issue (link to form found below)

The Journal Administrator will take care of submitting the following:

  • Print Order- specifications including quantities, distributions, offprint orders
  • Mailing label files- after the first round of contract proofs
  • Address Verification Form

REMEMBER:  The printer will not begin work on your files until they have received the Print Order from the Journal Administrator.  It is therefore important that you let the Administrator know well ahead of time when you plan to do so in order for the Administrator to confirm all author copyright agreements and offprint orders are in place and has time to prepare the issue-specific Print Order.

You should receive an auto-reply from the order desk confirming receipt of your files; if you do not receive this reply within an hour, you should verify that you used the correct e-mail addresses, and if necessary, resubmit the files.

JCI Instructions and Forms

Please see below for excerpts from the JCI Handbook (found in its entirety on Handbooks Tab), relating to file submission, as well as the Order of Materials Form (also found on the Forms Library > Publishing Tab), and a sample showing you how to correctly fill it out.