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Student Journals: Reimbursements


Though we recommend having the University pay for items directly, we understand that often times journal members will pay out of pocket and then need to seek reimbursement. 

NOTE:  Without confirming ahead of time with the Journal Administrator that a purchase is allowable and that there are funds available, that reimbursements are not guaranteed.  Services cannot be reimbursed and require payment directly to the vendor!

General information on reimbursements can be found Law School's Business Services website here.

Reimbursements for goods and supplies

To request reimbursement for any out of pocket expenditures with the exception of food for meetings or travel, you'll use the Payment Request FormFor privacy reasons, do NOT include your mailing address;  this information is able to be pulled up using your Student ID number.

In addition to the form, you will need to submit the following:

  • Receipt showing:
    1. Detailed description of goods or services purchased (what you bought)
    2. Amount paid
    3. Form of payment (how you paid - cash, check, or last four digits of credit card)
  • Proof of payment:  showing zero balance due to vendor;  can be credit card receipt or cancelled check

Scan the form and documentation and email to for processing.

REMEMBER THAT YOU CANNOT GET REIMBURSED FOR PAYING FOR SERVICES OUT OF POCKET (t-shirt printing, website development, transcription services)