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Student Journals: Library Trainings and Services

Let the Law Library help you!

Did you know that the Law Library offers a multitude of services for all of the journals!    Plan ahead and schedule special training sessions for your editors to help you with getting started on:

  • Article selection and  preemption/ plagiarism trainings
  • Source collection
  • Cite checking

Contact Kristie Chomorro to schedule a time to get started!

Below are some of the services and resouces offered to the journal by the Law LIbrary


Source Collection Support

Law Library is currently closed but we hope to provide:

Scans of needed materials, to the extent possible by
copyright law and logistics.
Please note that we may not be able to scan everything you need for your source collection. We are limited by what’s available in our collection, copyright law, and staffing.  
Borrow books from the Law Library (checked out to the journal)-  Not yet available
Check LawCat for electronic versions of books.
Other libraries on campus are hoping to be able to circulate books through a pick-up service. Not yet available.
The main library is allowing books to be returned via book drop-off bins. However, access to the Student Center is still not allowed. Due dates have been extended until February 2, 2021.

Note: You may need to go back to the author for sources. If the author does not have the materials, you will need to ask the author to locate another source or make a decision to keep the citation without checking the source.

Training Sessions via Zoom 

Source collection training for general members.
Elements of a substantive cite check (Note: there is a new edition of The Bluebook).
Preemption training for article selectors.
Specialized training for editors or general members. 
Got an idea for training, email Marci to discuss.

New edition of The Bluebook, 21st ed.

Each journal has the credentials to access the electronic Bluebook. Do not change the ID or password

Journal pages on the institutional repository

We have switched the platform we use for the scholarship repository to be hosted on the law school’s platform.
You will have an opportunity to do some redesign of your journal’s page.

Need something else?

Contact Kristie to discuss other training:

Law Library Contacts

Joe Cera    Reference Librarian
Scholarship Repository Administrator

Kristie Chamorro    Reference Librarian
Assistance with Journal library trainings

Assistance with Journal library