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Student Journals: Final Review

Final Review of your Files

When files were submitted for print issues, the printer would do a cursory look at the files to look for any inconsistencies within the articles and journal as a whole.   Now that the majority of the journals are online-only, they don't have the final look through. 

Therefore, it is important that you do a final review of your articles/ frontmatter/ cover to catch them prior to publishing.  When errors are discovered after an issue has been published, it becomes labor- intensive to replace the files with the various online content providers which post your scholarship.  

See below for some common errors which you should look for prior to publishing your content.

Common Errors

Below is a non-comprehensive list of common errors to look for during production:

  • Volume, issue numbers and year of publication are accurate and consistent on the Journal cover, spine, table of contents, masthead, and offprint covers
  • Issue’s starting page number is correct (for those journals publishing more than one issue per volume, the pagination of the second and subsequent issues must begin with the page number immediately following the ending page number of the prior issue)
  • Article titles and author names are accurate and consistent on the journal cover, table of contents, articles, and offprint covers
  • Running heads, headers and footers are accurate and consistent throughout
  • Articles should start on odd-numbered pages (corresponding to right hand page)
  • “© Regents of the University of California” has been properly cited.  
  • Or, if the author retains copyright, indicate with a dagger footnote